Mathieu & Associates, LLC


Mathieu & Associates is a full-service consultancy within the federal marketplace hosting an expert team of subject matter experts, former US Government, and industry leaders.

Mathieu & Associates assists the client’s response to Requests for Information, Requests for Proposals, Sources Sought et cetera, as well as submit and manage Freedom of Information Act requests and prepare and deliver presentations to key management, decision-makers, and technical personnel.  Mathieu & Associates are available to participate in ‘Color’ Team reviews and can also provide market intelligence and positioning information which would include: identification of customer priorities and ‘hot buttons,’ identification of competition and their positioning and development; and, available for travel as required and to represent the client as needed.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the federal environment with extensive business development, sales, and capture support expertise greatly assists the client with their winning strategies.  Mathieu & Associates develops and executes customer engagement plans, arranges meetings that capture and represent the client’s interests, maintains an excellent relationship and works in concert with clients to keep solutions sold, identify and influence new opportunities as they are uncovered and assists in developing and executing capture strategies for new programs.


Mathieu & Associates' primary goal is to help purchasing professionals reduce total procurement cost by lowest price, technically acceptable or best-value basis while meeting the goals of the Veterans Benefits Act. It also strives to assist contractors in capturing and maximizing their opportunities in doing business with the federal government.

Who We Are

Above all, Mathieu & Associates is dedicated to proving itself as an asset to both the government clients it serves and its teaming partners.  Founded by Mr. Jim Mathieu, who served honorably for twenty-eight years, Mathieu & Associates is a “verified” Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) concern and a “certified” Value Added Reseller (VAR).  We focus on business development, solutions and services, capture with an emphasis on classified and unclassified maritime, security, safety, training and technology programs in the Federal, State and municipal business domains.