Maritime Solutions

Mathieu & Associates conducts timely and comprehensive Threat Assessments, Vulnerability Assessments, Port Security Assessments, Port Security Plans, Risk Assessments, and Consequence Analyses per the International Maritime Organization (IMO) International Ships and Port Security (ISPS) Code. We also evaluate physical, personnel, and information security policies, procedures, and operations.

We provide ongoing threat and risk management support for the protection of port infrastructure and operations. This involved a Port Security Assessment, a Threat and Risk Assessment, a security risk management methodology to support the implementation of IMO legislation, and the development of draft Port Facility Security Plans per the IMO ISPS Code.

Extensive consultations are conducted with key members of the maritime community, law enforcement, and security agencies, and governments at both state and commonwealth levels.

We develop a risk management approach to critical infrastructure, including a maritime emergency response capability within the infrastructure portfolio (ports, marine, and land transport).

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