Our Founder

A Message from Our Founder

Jim Mathieu


Over the last ten-plus years, Mathieu & Associates has grown and evolved from a small, local, and emerging business into a dynamic company offering various services in consulting, value-added reselling, and program management. With this growth have come new opportunities to expand our knowledge and experience, and focus on programs and activities that will allow us to serve our government and industry clients in the best way possible. Mathieu & Associates is committed to maintaining its small business service attitude and pricing while offering the capabilities of a large business service network. Our motto remains to serve ‘the precious few clients, versus many…’

Thank you for your trust and support over the last decade…[and] please do not hesitate to call me directly at 703.868.0116. I remain Semper Praesto, Always Available.  – Jim Mathieu

About Our Founder

Mathieu & Associates, LLC, is owned by Jim Mathieu, a proud service-connected disabled veteran. Jim has extensive experience as both a successful business owner and as the executive of a top-twenty nationwide information technology and training company.

Jim launched Mathieu & Associates in 2009 after working for five years for Harris Corporation’s Government Systems Division, Homeland Security programs. Jim was responsible for classified and unclassified programs and developing strategic capture plans for DHS agencies such as FEMA, CBP, USSS, USCG, and TSA. Jim also developed comprehensive pursuit plans for bid & no-bid decisions, developed teaming relationships and agreements, and devised proposal strategies.

During his 28-year service in the US Coast Guard, Jim served critical roles in congressional relations, policy development, budget formulation, and executive departments, as well as performed operations, both afloat and ashore, including command. Jim also commanded the Coast Guard’s largest and busiest multi-mission search and rescue, law enforcement, maritime security, and safety station in Miami Beach, Florida.

Jim supports the following Associations and Memberships:

  • Navy League of the United States Board of Directors
  • Fleet Reserve Association
  • Surface Navy Association
  • USCG Chief Petty Officers’ Association
  • USCG Chief Warrant Officers’ Association
  • CG Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Cuttermen Association
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • American Legion
  • American Sailing Association
  • Industry Advisory Council for the American Council of Technology
  • Homeland Security Dialogue Forum
  • National Defense Industrial Association
  • Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
  • Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services.

An avid coastal and ocean sailor and volunteer, Jim serves on many boards, forums, and associations in many leadership roles and devotes considerable time to numerous child developmental activities such as local school programs.  Jim also supports many performing arts and scholarship programs.